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The DMV Tweetup Cookout
The DMV Tweetup Cookout

A little PR for the Tweetup Cookout!!!!!

FAQ’s About the DMVTC12

There have been a few questions or concerns about the cookout and how its going to work, so lets answer them now. 

Q: “What is the $20 registration for?”

A. Food. All money is going toward hot dogs hamburgers, veggie burgers, and whatever requests you make. You can eat as much as you’d like, while the supplies last. But if you come 30 mins before the cookout is over, you might be SOL. Or not. We’ll see. Last year we had extra food. There are also going to be crabs available. Alcohol can be brought to the park, but only beer and wine can be consumed in the open. If you want to drink something stronger, bottle it up. 

Q: What else is going on that weekend?

A: Check our tumblr.

Q: What hotels are in the area and what are the prices like?

A: Check Our Tumblr.

Q: What Airport Should I fly into?

A: You guessed it, check our tumblr. All the travel info you will need is there. Soon we will post directions from the surrounding areas, just for those folks who dont like to google things. 

Q:What Is There to do while I’m there?

A. Well, for one, enjoy our nation’s capitol. There is something for everyone by way of museums, nightlife, lounges, and great restaurants. If by meaning AT the cookout, Allen Pond Park has basketball, courts, football fields, baseball fields, and an Ice rink (not sure if its open at the time). We promise, you will NOT be bored for a second. Too many wonderful people to meet. Networking opportunities to make.

Q: Will there be enough room for everyone? Should I bring a chair?

A: This is where it gets tricky. Is there enough room for everyone who has pre-registered? Yes. Those of you paying the day of, we will have a lot of space, but we cannot account for everyone who “says” they are coming. BUT we do not anticipate it being overcrowded because A. People are always coming and going B. Not all the people who will attend will be at the pavilion the entire time. Best advice is, if you feel you need to bring a chair do so. But we should have enough room for everyone.

Q: What is there to do after the cookout?

A: I don’t know. Depends on who is trying to do what and where. Most people are traveling back that night or monday so they may not want to do anything. But you never know. You just have to see the day of. 

Q: Sides? Should I bring something?

A: If you can, yes. Your $20 only covers what was listed above. @JeffEsquire will be bringing potato salad. Others have committed Mac n Cheese. Inquiries have been sent out as to who wants to bring sides with little to no response. So, if you want to bring a side, please do, let @JeffEsquire or @tr3y__ know so we can let everyone know in case of allergies, etc. 

If there are anymore question, don’t hesitate to hit up @JeffEsquire or @tr3y__ on twitter, or send us a question here. Thanks!

DMV Tweetup Cookout Supported Functions

Here is more information about the Decepticomics Comedy show, June 9th 8:30 pm at Varsity Lounge in College Park, MD. 


There is an after party for this event, at @NinjaDuce ‘s house. Please contact him or @JeffEsquire if you are interested in attending. 

Nearest Airport and Hotels

Greetings all! Most of who have registered and are traveling long distances for the 2012 DMV Tweetup Cookout have told me they are staying and riding with folks already in the area, but here is a list of near hotels and airports. Actually, everyone should just come in at BWI, but hey, people always wanna follow the cheap fare so I understand. 

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (best fares are with southwest)

Regan National Airport (Best Fares are with Jet Blue)

Do not I REPEAT DO NOT fly into Dulles International Airport. NO ONE will come get you LOL


Comfort Inn Conference Center 

4500 Crain Highway 

Bowie MD, 20716


Rate: From $121 a night

Hampton Inn Bowie

15202 Major Landsdale BLVD

Bowie, MD 20716


Rate: From $134 a night

TownePlace Suites Bowie Town Center

3700 Town Center Boulevard · Bowie, MD 20716 USA


Rate: From $149 a Night

Remember the picnic is at Allen Pond Park Picnic Area #4 3330 Northview Drive Bowie, MD 20716

Contact me at @JeffEsquire on Twitter with any questions, or at JeffEsquire32@gmail.com 

Thanks and see you soon!


You have a paycheck or two before the normal price of the DMV Tweetup Cookout takes place up until the day of the event. $15 gets you in and all you can eat while supplies last, but after May 1st its $20 to register and also at the door. Hope to see you all there!

NEW Flyer for the 2012 DMV Tweetup Cookout! Many thanks to @smoothwood, contact him for all your Designing needs!

NEW Flyer for the 2012 DMV Tweetup Cookout! Many thanks to @smoothwood, contact him for all your Designing needs!

Pre-Registration: How it Works

In the top left and bottom left of this page has a paypal “donation” button. Dont let that scare you. lol Simply click on the button, fill out the information, and pay your $15. My partner Trey will send you a confirmation email and your name will go on the master guest list. Then, countdown with us until June 10th! Hope to see you all there!

Pre Registration starts NOW!

Pre-Registration for the DMV Tweetup Cookout 2012 is now open! Join us June 10th at Allen Pond Park in Bowie MD for a day full of food, fun, friendship, and overall good vibes. $15 is the price, hope to see you all there!

Pre-Registration starts in 3 days!

$15 gets you in and gets your food! Regular price admission after pre registration is $20. As last year a prize will be awarded to one of the first 25 people who register right here are dmvtweetupcookout.tumblr.com! 

The Time Has Come!!!!

Let’s get geared up for the 2012 DMV Tweetup Cookout on June 10th, 2012! Pre registration starts right here on March 16th! Tell a friend!

Thanks to our photographer!

Our warmest regards to Maxine  (@CityAthena) for helping to capture the spirit of our event! For booking, contact her at cityathena@gmail.com and follow her Tumblr sidehustlestories.tumblr.com

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